Razorops CI/CD with Linode Kubernetes Engine

Razorops CI/CD with Linode Kubernetes Engine

Linode is one of simplest, affordable, and accessible cloud computing platform, It has recentely launched managed Kubernetes called Linod Kubernetes Engine(LKE).

Following video expalins how to create Linode Kubernets Cluster and Connect to RazorOps Dashboard.

Razorops is a container Native CI/CI tool to automate and ship you application to any Kubernetes. More Details you can explore RazorOps Docs on how to create pipeline.

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Shyam Mohan

DevOps Engineer

Shyam Mohan is a DevOps Engineer and he has 15+ years of experience in the areas of Software Development, Devops, CI/CD, Kubernetes, and he also guides companies to adopt CI/CD pipelines which will help them to automate their workflow.

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