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What is RazorOps?

Razorops is the simplest container-native CI/CD platform that offers complete automation of your software development cycle from development to production.

razorops deployment pipeline

RazorOps Vs Jenkins

Features Razorops Jenkins
Hosting SAAS hosted, on-prem, closed source, No maintenance headaches Open source, Self-hosted, maintenance required
Modern/Container-native Container-native from the ground up, more resilient with better environment boundaries Built years before, though still a good tool for automation and flexible pipelines
Extensibility Marketplace based managed integrations and plugins Plugins ( made by independent authors and inhouse)
Docker Support (docker daemon, storage and image management) Out-of-box TBC, Limited
Docker Layer Caching In-build (faster builds) NO
Concurrent/Parallel builds YES Limited, Plugin
Artifact support In-build Plugin based, TBC
Test Reports and analysis In-build Plugin based, TBC
Pipeline as code YES NO, TBC
Database and service testing YES NO
Dependency caching YES NO
Language runtimes YES, managed by us YES, Managed by the community
Technical Support YES NO
Git Triggers (push, click, Pull Request, tag ) YES YES
Trigger on a scheduled time NO YES
CLI / API Access YES YES, Limited
Notification Email and chart (slack and others) TBC, Plugin
Linux VM YES and managed YES, TBC by you
Android / iPhone builds Limited Limited
Windows NO YES, TBC
OSX support NO YES, TBC

Compatible with your Technology Stack

RazorOps is compatible with all widely used languages, services and databases, including Linux, Android, Kubernetes, Docker, MongoDB, MySQL, etc. You can execute that without downloading any plugins because all services are available immediately during every build operation.

Compatible Technology Stack
Compatible Technology Stack

Migrate from Jenkins to Razorops CI/CD

Fully optimized runners for fast and easy builds so wait less build more. Migrate your CI/CD to RazorOps in just few steps.

Razorops vs Jenkins
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Complete Onboarding & Setup

Complete Onboarding & Setup in just 25 minutes.

You can save a lot of time with RazorOps. Ditch the 8-10 hours of tedious process of setting up a simple pipeline in Jenkins by migration to a much smarter choice- RazorOps.

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