Kubernetes and containers adoption growing fast

Cloud-native development and microservices enable development teams to work more efficiently and innovate faster. Operators appreciate the container environment because it increases infrastructure utilization, enabling them to accomplish more with less while managing critical applications at unprecedented scale.

Kubernetes and containers adoption growing fast in the last few years. One survey report published by Diamanti, suggests container technology has matured dramatically in one year and moved from developer experimentation to production.

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I would like to highlight few slides here.

1) who drives container adoption in your organization?

2) Containers in the enterprise are becoming mainstream and smart companies are building skills internally or looking for partners that can help catalyze success, and choosing more integrated solutions that accelerate deployments and simplify the container environment.

3) 34% of companies investing more than $100k on containers in 2019

4) what are use cases of containers?

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Shyam Mohan

DevOps Engineer

Shyam Mohan is a DevOps Engineer and he has 14+ years of experience in the areas of Software Development, Devops, CI/CD, Kubernetes, and he also guides companies to adopt CI/CD pipelines which will help them to automate their workflow.

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