AWS Serverless Application Repository

AWS Serverless Application Repository

What is AWS Serverless Application Repository?

It is a managed repository for serverless applications. It is used by organizations and independent developers to store and share reusable applications.


● AWS Serverless Application Repository has applications for Alexa Skills, chatbots, IoT, real-time media processing from many publishers.

● All the applications provided by AWS come under MIT open source license while publicly available applications by other users come under Open Source Initiative (OSI).

● All applications published on Serverless Application Repository are carefully examined by AWS for the correct set of permissions so that the customer knows which application can be accessed.

● AWS CodePipeline can be used to link GitHub with Serverless Application Repository.

● Before publishing, describe the application using AWS SAM, package it using CLI, and publish via CLI or SDK or console.

● Applications can be shared within all accounts of AWS Organizations. Users cannot share applications across other Organizations.

● AWS Serverless Application Repository is integrated with AWS Lambda.

The application can be downloaded and with API Gateway it can trigger the Lambda function. See below diagram

Use Case:

● Used for various AWS Alexa skills and integration with IoT devices.

● Used for chatbots that remove inappropriate messages, images from channels.

● Used in Twitter leadership boards.


● There is no charge for this service itself but you pay for the resources used in the application

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