How it works

github source code

Source Code

Connect your code repositories, docker registry or preferred build system.

Define Pipeline

Define Pipeline

Create continuous delivery pipelines in a few clicks using visual dashboards across apps, environments and teams.

razorops kubernetes
deploy and monitor

Deploy & Monitor

Promote releases between target environment and perform automatic health-check, logs metrics and rollback automatically.


Keep you notified

Get automatic notifications of every build and deployment via Slack, HipChat, email, or webhooks.

automatic notifications

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deployment pipeline

Deployment Pipeline

Manage your entire pipeline visually or put inside your codebase. No scripts, delays and downtime.

connect environment

Connect Environments

Create new clusters on any server or cloud or easily connect your existing clusters no matter where they run. Integrate and provision multiple environments according to your needs.

hosted services

Hosted Helm and docker Registries

Use our built-in registry and Helm Repos, or connect your own.

automatic rollback

Automatic rollback

We analyze data from monitoring tools and uses automated testing tools to look for anomalies and failures to rollback broken within seconds.

ncorporate Gitops

Incorporate Gitops

Align your pipelines with the branch structure, making it easier to work with branching workflows like feature branching or git-flow.

code configuration

Code as configuration

Store and manage your configurations in a single pipelines.yml file. Only few lines of code to get you started.

integrate with Jenkins


Connect right out of the box to Git or your choice of version control systems to build and deploy apps from your source code. Easily integrate with Jenkins or your continuous integration tools of choice, and get automatic deployment notifications via email, Slack or HipChat.


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