How to secure Kubernetes and secrets management
Part 2.

Who should attend this webinar

  • Founders, CEOs, CTOs, and Managing heads of the organisations and teams who are planning to introduce DevOps-based solutions for their teams and organizations.
  • Organizations and developers seeking solutions to optimize their deployment workflow.
  • Developers and individuals who are keen on creative tech innovations to improve on delivering efficiently.

Razorops CI/CD Webinar

Topic:- How to secure Kubernetes and secrets management - Part 2
Saturday, 26th NOV · 11:30AM – 12:30PM IST

This session covers various security practices and pitfalls you should be aware of while running applications on any Kubernetes platform. It will also cover a few advanced topics like container runtime and docker security. Some of the topics that will be discussed are followed -

  • Kubernetes Role and Authorization System (RBAC)
  • Network security using policies, TLS communication
  • Secret management with encryption
  • Pod security and policies


  • Best Security practices for container-native.
  • Free 30 min 1-1 consultation session with our team of experts.
  • $250 DigitalOcean Credits

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