Read all about The Kubernetes released version 1.24 of Stargazer, its updates and features. Subscribe to get the latest updates on container-native & DevOps news here.

Read all about The Kubernetes released version 1.24 of Stargazer, its updates and features. Subscribe to get the latest updates on container-native & DevOps news here.

The Kubernetes project has released version 1.24 of Stargazer, its ubiquitous container orchestration system — the first release of 2022 and just in time for KubeCon Europe, which starts on May 16th. The Dockershim code, which was deprecated in version 1.20 (issued at the end of 2020), has now been deleted. There are 46 enhancements in this release: fourteen have been promoted to stable, fifteen have been promoted to beta, and thirteen have been promoted to alpha. Two features have also been deprecated, while two have been eliminated.

Kubernetes 1.24 ‘Stargazer’ release removes Dockershim and adds OpenAPI v3 in beta.

The latest release of the Kubernetes container orchestration engine, nicknamed “Stargazer,” looks out to better support databases, microservices, and other emerging use cases, while shedding earlier missteps that have stymied the K8s core developers’ productivity. Containers built on the Docker development tools are now built to run on the CRI spec and are not affected by this change. “For most application developers, this will be a transparent change,” explained James Laverack, who is the project lead for the v1.24 release.

“The community felt that removing it would allow that part of the codebase to be streamlined and reduce bugs, improve stability, and increase velocity for more releases,” Laverack said. “So it’s a foundational change that will help Kubernetes ship more features in the future with better quality.”

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