GitOps Workflows Expanding Beyond Kubernetes Clusters. Subscribe to get the latest updates on container-native & DevOps news here.

GitOps Workflows Expanding Beyond Kubernetes Clusters. Subscribe to get the latest updates on container-native & DevOps news here.

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GitOps Workflows Expanding Beyond Kubernetes Clusters

Flux software has officially graduated to become a mature project with the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). The pace at which organizations embrace GitOps best practices should accelerate. GitOps defines a declarative approach for pulling software from a repository in a way that is both continuously reconciled and immutable.

Most of the adoption of GitOps thus far has coincided with the adoption of Kubernetes clusters that expose a standard set of application programming interfaces (APIs) that make it simpler to deploy code.

Weaveworks CEO Alexis Richardson said the next frontier for GitOps would be to integrate the controllers within platforms such as Flux with other controllers. More work must be done to make GitOps workflows accessible to developers directly from within the integrated development environments (IDEs) they use to create software, he adds.

By more loosely coupling CI and CD processes, it should, in theory, become easier for more organizations to automate the delivery of software. The current manual processes used to install software on platforms today simply don’t scale. There’s no doubt there’s a GitOps learning curve, but, like it or not, most organizations won’t allow a growing backlog of applications waiting to be deployed.

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