An Open Source Standard For Kubernetes Cost Monitoring. Subscribe to get the latest updates on container-native & DevOps news here.

An Open Source Standard For Kubernetes Cost Monitoring. Subscribe to get the latest updates on container-native & DevOps news here.

The Headlines

Kubecost Open Sources OpenCost: an Open Source Standard for Kubernetes Cost Monitoring

The open-source Kubernetes OpenCost standard enables teams to work with a unified methodology for tracking, calculating, and controlling costs across many settings.

Webb Brown, CEO of Kubecost, spoke at KubeCon+CloudNativeCon NA 2022 and talked about OpenCost, its relevance to developers, and the state of Kubernetes cost management.

  • What is the state of Kubernetes cost management today, and where are we heading?

  • What does OpenCost enable for this ecosystem, and what integrations are being delivered to end-users?

  • Are there any plans to integrate with other cloud providers or vendors?

  • How is Kubecost going to be free for unlimited clusters?

For Kubernetes, Kubecost creates tools for real-time cost management and monitoring. A vendor-neutral open-source project called OpenCost measures and distributes infrastructure and container expenses.

Docker Desktop 4.14 Adds Resource Usage Monitor and Vulnerability Discovery

The latest version adds a resource usage monitor and vulnerability discovery tool. Docker Compose v20.10.21, which fixes a Git vulnerability enabling an attack leading to the potential disclosure of sensitive information. Additionally, Docker Desktop 4.14 adopts the latest Docker Engine, Docker Compose, and Containers releases.

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