Get the latest updates on container-native & DevOps news from Google donating the Istio service mesh to the CNCF, KubeCon, and mask mandate post mortem for major events.

Get the latest updates on container-native & DevOps news from Google donating the Istio service mesh to the CNCF, KubeCon, and mask mandate post mortem for major events.

Google and the Istio Steering Committee have submitted the Istio project for consideration as an incubating project within the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). Istio is the last major component of organizations’ Kubernetes ecosystem to sit outside of the CNCF, and its APIs are well-aligned to Kubernetes. Acceptance of Istio will complete the cloud-native stack under the auspices of the foundation, and bring Istio closer to the Kubernetes project.

Certified TARS Application Developer (CTAD) is now open for registration

The Certified TARS Application Developer (CTAD) certification is designed for users interested in demonstrating early proficiency and aptitude in microservices. It entails installing and running TARS in Docker, Kubernetes, or from source code; developing a microservices application in a programming language of choice using the TARS Framework and being aware of the functions/plugins available in TARS to manage or scale-up microservices applications. Enroll today

Top picks for you this week

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2022 mask mandate post mortem

Masks are no longer required to be worn at the event as mask mandates had been dropped in countries around Europe (18 countries in the European region, including Spain which dropped it for the first time in the pandemic on April 20) Based on everything, we felt that it is possible to drop the mask requirement at the events in Spain, though we still recommend them. Find out other requirements to attend the event.

Best Docker Image Hosting Platforms

A container image is comprised of multiple layers, an image is essentially built from the instructions and executable version of an application. Once a container image is created, you like to distribute it within a team or you like to use it in your CI/CD pipeline to deploy this image in various environments. Now you need to store, manage, and secure your Docker container images here container registry systems come into the picture.

Top 5 Benefits of Virtualization

Virtualization uses software to create an abstract layer over the hardware, By doing this it creates a virtual computer system, known as virtual machines (VMs). This will allow organizations to run multiple virtual computers, operating systems, and applications on a single physical server.

Important Events

RazorOps Live Webinar: How to write optimized and secure docker files to create docker images April 30, 11:30 am – 12:30 pm (GMT+5:30) - Register Now

Thrive in the modern cloud-first world with Docker. Learn the simplest approach to Docker images and how to use them using a Docker repository, such as Docker Hub, or hosting your private repository.

CNCF On-Demand Webinar

While vulnerabilities detection became mainstream in the last couple of years, doing it effectively, at the right stages of SDLC, while relying on multiple sources in parallel, is still challenging.

K8s on bare metal are typically regarded as tricky. With advances in Cluster API and open source Sidero Metal from Sidero Labs, this is no longer true.

Kubescape’s new version is out and Amir Kaushansky, ARMO VP of the product will reveal what’s new, what’s been improved, and what’s coming next.

What if databases only ran in a single place? Learn how to build a portable ClickHouse cloud service on Kubernetes. It runs on AWS and GCP, of course. Learn how to manage databases in any Kubernetes cluster, even those behind firewalls and NAT gateways.

Kubecon-CloudNativeCon-Europe 2022- 16 – 20 May 2022 - Register

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation is helping to build a map through this new terrain, and KubeCon + CloudNativeCon is where the community comes together to share their expertise.

Open Source Summit North America 2022- June 21-24 - Register

The leading vendor-neutral open source event for technical and community contributors continues to focus on covering the most critical topics, innovative technologies, and pivotal open source projects through its 14 sub-conferences.


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