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Industrializing the Kubernetes platform at Kubecon 2022

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation held its blockbuster open-source KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2022 event this week in Detroit. Much like the automotive industry later refined its supply chain by allowing different models to be built atop common platforms, enterprises are doing so with a platform strategy. The cloud-native ecosystem is currently going through its own kind of industrial revolution.

At this show, there was no shortage of enthusiasm about cloud-native, and even from the standpoint of an analyst, it is truly amazing to see how welcoming and inclusive this still-rapidly-expanding community is. Because there are so many new edges and use cases emerging as a result of each new release, even if everyone is using Kubernetes or plans to do so, the industry is still far from being monotonous. In the end, if the cloud-native platform pattern of delivering and managing software and infrastructure in one action is successful, we’ll see completely new kinds of apps and a democratization of choices for delivering applications that we hadn’t even considered imaginable. It is quite amazing how welcoming and inclusive this still-rapidly-expanding community is. When using a cloud-native platform,

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