Super Container OS: Diagrid launches its fully managed Dapr service for Kubernetes. Subscribe to get the latest updates on container-native & DevOps news here.

Super Container OS: Diagrid launches its fully managed Dapr service for Kubernetes. Subscribe to get the latest updates on container-native & DevOps news here.

The Headlines

Diagrid launches its fully managed Dapr service for Kubernetes

Diagrid is charging its users per Kubernetes cluster. For now, it’s still a somewhat manual onboarding process, but the company plans to launch a self-service tool next year.

“Cloud-based, microservices architectures have imposed real costs on engineering teams where developers have to become infrastructure wranglers and distributed systems theorists just to deploy a simple app,” said Lenny Pruss, general partner at Amplify Partners and Diagrid board member.

Dapr, an open-source and commercial solution built by Diagrid, strikes at the heart of this problem, providing a set of developer-friendly tools and APIs that abstract away much of the distributed system complexity, thereby allowing #engineering teams to focus on what matters: their #business applications.

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