Hexa Accepted as CNCF Sandbox Project

Hexa Open Source Project for Multi-Cloud Policy Orchestration Accepted as a CNCF Sandbox Project. Open Source Identity Standard and Policy Orchestration Software Unifies Multi-Cloud Access Policy Management.

“Cloud Identity is extremely fragmented with no clear path for orchestrating policy management across different service provider platforms,” said Gary Rowe, principal consulting analyst, and CEO of TechVision Research. “IDQL represents a major step forward in providing a standards-based approach for cloud-based IAM governance.”

The vision for this new project is to usher in a well-conceived open-source policy orchestration framework that expands the possibilities for businesses, consumers, and software vendors to benefit from the transition to a modern, transparent, and passwordless approach to identity. Read the full article.

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How to Secure Kubernetes and Secrets Management | September 24, 11:30 AM–12:30 PM IST | Register NOW!

To keep #kubernetes workloads safe, especially in a production environment, you need to address key architectural vulnerabilities and platform dependencies. To keep Kubernetes workloads safe, especially in a production environment, you need to address key architectural vulnerabilities and platform dependencies by implementing security best practices.

In this #webinar, we will focus on the best practices for container-native in terms of security and secret management.

Kubernetes Monitoring, Alerting, and Auditing using DO Marketplace tools|October 29, 11:30 AM–12:30 PM IST | Register NOW

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