Kubernetes 1.25 Is Jam-Packed With Innovations! For more exciting updates, subscribe to container-native and DevOps news around the globe.

Kubernetes 1.25 Is Jam-Packed With Innovations! For more exciting updates, subscribe to container-native and DevOps news around the globe.

The upcoming release of Kubernetes 1.25 is jam-packed with innovations! Where do we start? This release includes 40 improvements, which is comparable to the 46 in Kubernetes 1.24 and the 45 in Kubernetes 1.23. Thirty-three of the 40 improvements are moving up to Stable, ten already-existing features are getting better, fifteen are brand-new, and two are deprecated.

The highlight of this release is the final removal of PodSecurityPolicies, which is being replaced by Pod Security Admission, which is finally graduating to Stable. Beware of the numerous deprecations and removals in this version!

Support for user namespaces, checkpoints for forensic analysis, improvements to SELinux when mounting discs, NodeExpansion secrets, and enhancements to the official CVE feed are just a few of the new security features that are extremely welcome additions. Additionally, improvements like non-recoverable Pod failures, KMS v2 Improvements, a cleaner IPTables chain ownership, and better handling of the StorageClass defaults on PVCs will make life easier for cluster managers.

All the fantastic features that are being made available in the GA state are the cherry on top of this release. A big congratulations to the CSI migration, which has been going on for more than three years and is now nearing its end. Additionally, Cgroups v2 support, ephemeral volumes, and NetworkPolicies port range. There is a lot of excitement for this release! To know more about what’s new in Kubernetes 1.25, check out the article.

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