Kubernetes Security Concerns And Prevention

At Black Hat, Palo Alto Networks researchers spoke on stage to describe how Kubernetes cluster configurations and system rights can enable container escape and take over. Security experts Yuval Avrahami and Shaul Ben Hai discussed some of the typical strategies and flaws that let attackers get past the boundaries of containers and access other instances on the host server on Thursday at Black Hat USA 2022 in Las Vegas.

“Ever since containers came into our lives, we have been hearing more about container escapes in the sense of a vulnerability,” Ben Hai said. “There is no doubt that containers are great for packaging and deploying software, but they are a weak security boundary.”

“Trampoline pods” that operate libraries and APIs with system administrator clearance could be compromised. Shaul Ben Hai and his colleagues say containers are great for packaging and deploying software, but they are a weak security boundary. Part of the problem is the way container pods are often set up on the host server. This creates a sort of “security blind spot” for container hosts where a single misconfiguration can lead to a complete takeover.

To prevent such attacks and compromises, the researchers recommend administrators keep a close eye on the way container pods are configured and, if possible, limit access to the possible trampoline pods and the access to vital APIs and tools within them.

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