Microservices: Challenges and When to Avoid Them

Adopting a microservices architecture allows for faster delivery and improved software quality, but companies should consider this carefully before choosing this approach. Despite the advantages of switching from a monolithic model to a microservices approach, there are still challenges to overcome.

The general rules for choosing a microservice are:

If the disadvantages of using microservices outweigh the advantages and/or the advantages are negligible compared to the effort and money spent, microservices are probably not the right approach to implement.

As well as knowing the benefits of microservices, we must also know when not to opt for microservices: When not to use them

To make sure a new framework is a good fit, any organization making the transition should do extensive due diligence. When choosing whether to forego the microservice architecture for your chosen application while considering microservices, you should always consider these three scenarios.

  • Small or straightforward application size: Adopting a microservices framework may not be the best option if your application’s size does not warrant the need to divide it into numerous smaller components.

  • If your defined domain is uncertain or ambiguous: If it is logically challenging to segment your business requirements into distinct domains, it will be equally challenging for you to develop microservices that are the right size. Likewise, think about the future. Use of a microservices-oriented approach is not advised if you are unsure that the domain of your application will remain the same over the ensuing years.

  • Efficiency gains are not assured: no firm wants to expend more time and resources adopting a culture without seeing an increase in productivity.

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