CI/CD Case Study for Maxamtech Digital Ventures

About Maxamtech Digital Ventures

Maxamtech Digital Ventures specializes in helping both online and offline gaming businesses acquire new users and maximize engagement, retention, and monetization of their existing user base through customized games and gamified solutions. They offer traditional businesses the opportunity to connect directly with their end-users through their platforms and develop unique user engagement strategies using their gamified solutions to drive growth and revenue.

The Challenge

The Maxamtech Digital Ventures team is committed to providing the best gaming experiences for their users, from gameplay to scoreboards, by frequently introducing new features. In order to stay competitive in the gaming industry, companies must be able to quickly scale and release new features while maintaining stability. The team was facing challenges with their traditional deployment and release methods, which were preventing them from scaling and managing the right size of machines on demand. They were in search of a solution that could overcome these limitations and enable them to meet the rapidly growing demands of their business.


We have implemented a comprehensive solution to address scalability and frequent release issues. By utilizing Kubernetes and our CI/CD tool, RazorOps, we are able to effectively manage and scale our application to meet the demands of sudden spikes in traffic. To optimize performance, we have tuned the php-fpm for Kubernetes pods and set up horizontal pod autoscaling for on-demand scaling. With the help of RazorOps' CI/CD capabilities, we are able to efficiently release updates on a daily basis, allowing for fast iteration and development.

"Migrating to container-native DevOps practices with the help of Razorops CI/CD has been a game-changing experience. It has helped us outperform our competitors by enhancing our speed and performance with great simplicity."

Mr. Xerxes Mullen

Founder of Maxamtech Digital Ventures Pvt Ltd

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