CI/CD Case Study for FinTech Startup

About FinTech Startup

72pi is an all in one platform that enables you to compare and adjust your portfolios based on various parameters and complement your investment process and become a smarter investor at portfolio construction.

The Challenge

72pi team is focused on delivering a quick and remarkable experience to their users, and quickly adopting the very frequently changing fin-tech landscape. Hence, focus needs be more on development rather than deployments. They were looking for tools like razorops with the same spirit of putting development first. The team wanted a solution that is reliable, quick, robust and easy for them to use.


Once 72pi began using Razorops, they were happy as it was easy for them to adopt. It remarkably reduced their deployment time. The releases were quite often along with working on the feedback from the customer, and releasing the bits again, it helped them to improve their value proposition. Now they are able to move and fix faster with Razorops. Efficient feedback and a fast CI/CD pipeline allowed their team to do frequent end-to-end production deployments and get products into customers hands more quickly and efficiently.

Benefits of Razorops for 72pi:

  • Accelerated iteration and release schedule
  • Improved value proposition through faster feedback integration
  • Stronger infrastructure in order to scale out new product features and assist releases
  • Addressed product needs of multiple personas and audiences by easily scaling horizontally

"Razorops is an essential part of our framework it means that pushing the code to production is completely automated."

Sangeeta Raju

Co-Founder of 72PI

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