How to secure Kubernetes and secrets management

Who should attend this webinar

  • Founders, CEOs, CTOs, and Managing heads of the organisations and teams who are planning to introduce DevOps-based solutions for their teams and organizations.
  • Organizations and developers seeking solutions to optimize their deployment workflow.
  • Developers and individuals who are keen on creative tech innovations to improve on delivering efficiently.

Razorops CI/CD Webinar

Topic:- How to secure Kubernetes and secrets management
Saturday, 29th NOV · 11:30am – 12:30pm

This sessions covers various security practices and pitfalls you should be aware of while running applications any Kubernetes platform. It will also cover few advance topics like container runtime and docker security. Some of the topics that will be discussed are follows -

  • Cluster Access and RBAC
  • Network security and Network Policy
  • Pod/Container level security
  • Multi tenancy / Multi teams
  • Secret management and ecryption


  • Best Security practices for container-native.
  • Free 30 min 1-1 consultation session with our team of experts.
  • $250 DigitalOcean Credits

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