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Container Native

Software that treats the container as the first-class unit of infrastructure. RazorOps gives a fresh isolated environment for every step in your pipeline.

Connect Environments

Connect Environments

Create new Kubernetes clusters on any server or cloud no matter where they run. Integrate and promote builds across multiple environments according to your needs (development, staging and more).

source code management

Deployment Pipeline

Manage your entire pipeline visually or put inside your codebase. No scripts, delays and downtime.

source code management

Automatic rollback

We analyze data from monitoring tools and uses automated testing tools to look for anomalies and failures to rollback broken within seconds.

Connect Environments

Incorporate GitOps

Align your pipelines with the branch structure, making it easier to work with branching workflows like feature branching or git-flow.

Code as configuration

Code as configuration

Store and manage your configurations in a single .razorops.yaml file. Only few lines of code to get you started.

source code management

Git as Source Code

RazorOps integrates well with top git based source code management systems like GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab.

language agnostic

Language Agnostic

RazorOps is language agnostic, it works with any language or service that runs inside a Docker container. You can choose public docker images or use your private images.

Platform Independent

Platform Independent

RazorOps is a cloud based SAAS product, it's a zero installation, quick start platform, you can build your apps for any platform AWS, GCP, Azure, iOS, Android, ReactNative etc.

RazorOps as Platform

source code management

SaaS Platform

We provide secured, managed and highly-available infrastructure for our SaaS Solution.

language agnostic

Hybrid Solution

Run builds on your infrastructure, and use RazorOps UI on our infrastructure.

Platform Independent

On Prem Self-hosted

Run the full RazorOps stack on your own infrastructure.

RazorOps Integrations

We love the same tools you love, with RazorOps you can integrate your existing tools like github, bitbucket, gitlab, your docker repository from various sources like DockerHub, AWS ECR, Google GCR etc, Any public or private Kubernetes, and your Slack, Teams, email for notifications.

Super Fast Pipelines

RazorOps gives a quick and user friendly pipeline creation interface, which helps you to quick start projects. Our runners are optimized for speed so wait less build more.

Manage RazorOps pipeline

You can see the logs and runtime history listing for each build, get test coverage reports, Insights and Manage secure pipeline variables. you can rebuild form UI or form CLI, Share your real time build status on your public or private projects.

Real Time Builds

Monitor real time logs for each and every stem defined in RazorOps pipeline. Debug and fix the issues before it breaks your staging or production system.

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