Case Study for Egnify

About Egnify

Egnify is an EdTech company that aims to make education simpler and accessible to all. Egnify provides an online platform to learners and educators accessible from anywhere and everywhere.

The Challenge

With the growing number of users, they were facing huge traffic on their servers during weekends leading it to crash at times. They wanted to move to kubernetes so that scaling won’t be an issue for them. But, manual deployment on kubernetes was a hindrance to their development which led them to have an automated deployment workflow.


Razorops helped Egnify to create their workflow smoothly with tasks build to test to deployment on kubernetes within a few minutes without any efforts. Because of frequent deployments, Razorops performance pipelines helped them to deliver faster.

"We are very happy with Razorops, we can now focus on our goal without worrying about trivial matters. Choosing Razorops was the right choice."

Kiran Babu

Founder and CEO of Egnify

Tech Stack



Mongo DB

Google Cloud




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