CI/CD Case Study for EdTech Startup

About EdTech Startup

EdTech Startup is an Enterprise Platform for Managing Education. It is building an Enterprise Platform for Institutions to adapt to the changing business models and to manage every student's life cycle. It is used to manage institute networks, Academic structure, faculty, resources and fee structures.

The Challenge

To keep step up with gestures of feature and service updates, EdTech Startup wanted to have a CI/CD pipeline without the need to manage the infrastructure. EdTech Startup, being an Enterprise platform advanced its abilities to combine other enterprise solutions with it. Manual deployment of such complex system was quite time consuming, hence increasing the development wait time.


Razorops, being a container native CI/CD platform, provided the best and effective solution and helped their team in creating the pipelines for all the enterprise services along with their microservice, backends, and UI. Razorops assured and executed well with smooth build and deployments workflow of all the incompatible yet well connected systems.

"Our need was to have simple and friendly CI/CD workflow which could build and deploy different enterprise solutions on kubernetes without worrying about their config compatibility. Razorops just provided us what we needed."

Srikanth B.

Founder and Director - EdTech Startup

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