Razorops | About

Razorops is a complete container native CI/CD solution handling all aspects of the software lifecycle from the moment a commit is created until it is deployed to production.

Razorops has all the capabilities that you would expect from a CI/CD platform such as

  • Code compilation/build
  • Artifact packaging
  • Testing Automation(unit, integration, acceptance etc.)
  • Faster builds and shipping to production

Razorops is a single solution that implements the whole pipeline from start to deployment. Following are some of container native features.

Docker Support

Razorops has embraced Docker support right from its inception. All Razorops capabilities revolve around Docker images. Razorops is especially powerful when it comes to creating Docker images (Docker as a service), annotating them and storing them for later usage.

Kubernetes support

In a similar manner to Docker, Razorops comes with dedicated support for Kubernetes deployments. Razorops offers an explicit Kubernetes deployment step that can be used in a pipeline to deploy a docker image to any Kubernetes cluster regardless of its underlying implementation (Google, Aws, Azure etc).

Helm support

Helm is a package manager for Kubernetes and is quickly becoming the preferred way to deploy K8s applications. It can group associated application services in packages (called Charts) and can also version and rollback application deployments, making releases much less painful.

Razorops Pros

  • Has excellent CI support (branching/merging, unit tests, pull requests etc)
  • Fastest and easiest way to work with Docker
  • has an integrated Docker registry
  • Native Kubernetes Integration
  • has an integrated Helm repository
  • has full support for performing Helm releases and rolling them back
  • Has fast builds, great support with awesome UI
  • has built-in support for building Docker images (docker as a service)
  • Easy setup & quick on boarding
  • Robust feature-preview/qa environments on-demand
  • Freestyle build steps to support custom CI/CD scripting
  • Email and Slack Integration

Our mission

Automate and simplify scalable system deployment on cloud

Our Story

Need of building quality software and shipping it quickly has become the core requirement for each business. We designed and built Razorops platform for microservices and container native applications. Our main focus is to increase developer productivity and makes software development faster, easier and better, We utilize existing modern systems to achieve our goals.